My new book THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE was presented to John Foley On January 28th 2024.

The former lead solo pilot for the world famous Blue Angeles was amongst the top pilots world wide.

In the Blue's his call sign was GUCCI and his position in the team was lead solo #5.

Look Gucci up at: Glad To Be Here® | John Foley Inc.

Peter Moscovita, will be attending the upcoming London Book Festival March 12th to the 14th. MEET HIM AT THE READERS MAGNET BOOTH 6A90

You can meet him at the Readers Magnet booth.Glad To Be Here® | John Foley Inc.

The Ultimate Sacrifice To Be Republished!

To all my loyal followers, it has come to my attention my latest book, The Ultimate Sacrifice was released with many mistakes from a publishing house I am no longer associated with.
My new publishing house is working diligently to correct this problem. The updated version will be available shortly. The story is exciting and has received wonderful reviews even though it has these gremlin in the current version. I appreciate your understanding.