About The Author

Peter A. Moscovita

Peter A. Moscovita grew up in England and had a love for exploring different countries, sparked by exciting family trips across Europe. His dad’s adventure stories from working on ships made him dream about discovering new lands far beyond.

In 1966, his dreams came true, and he moved to the United States of America and worked as an engineer, making aerospace and medical equipment. In 1982, he met Martine, who shared his passion for travel, history, sailing, and culinary clubs.

In 1986, Along with two other engineers he started a company making medical instruments and traveled all over the world. Even Martine joined in on the fun. Later, he sold the company and retired, opening up a whole new world of travel.

Moving to Florida in 2011, living on a boat for a while before settling ashore in Lakewood Ranch. Since then, they’ve been exploring and enjoying life, especially getting into writing.

In 2018, the author wrote his first book, ‘The Following Storm,’ which people loved! It turned into a series with four thrilling books about Karl Vita’s journey from before World War II to the 1950’s. ‘The Last Train Home’ wraps up Karl Vita’s story, ending just as World War II ends.

Writing has become a new career, with two new stand-alone Titles almost ready for release. The Ultimate Sacrifice will be available by January 2024. The Unexpected Encounter should be available early 2024.

The ultimate sacrifice from the same period but not associated with The Following Storm Series will be available early 2024 The Unexpected Encounter a gripping story of cold war espionage, with a romantic twist taking place in mid-sixties. A spy thriller that promises to keep you guessing. also available in the spring of 2024 Am I considering another series, stay tuned to find out?

Peter Moscovita