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All That Ends Well

Major Karl Vita, returning home after nine months in Canada, could not wait to reunite with his new wife, Claire. They had wed only to say goodbye ten days later when he and his team of BIS agents departed on a training mission in Canada. The newly formed American OSS would turn to their English allies to learn the latest intelligence methods developed by the British Intelligence Service. In 1945, World War II was almost at an end. Still, Germany was banking on a new weapon so devastating it could change their European dominance if development were completed before a surrender.

Major Karl Vita and Gunther Fisher, along with a crack SAS unit masquerading as German military, were ordered to steal a merchant ship berthed in the harbor port of Kiel, Germany. This vessel would transport vital equipment for the completion of a German Atomic Bomb. This mission was so dangerous that returning would be highly unlikely, yet those troops volunteered with a compelling conviction to stop that equipment from reaching its destination. If successful, that operation would seal Germany’s fate, ending hostilities in Europe.