Why Read It

The Unexpected Encounter

A gripping cold war thriller follows an American submariner on a mission to infiltrate the inner circle of the Russian intelligence service. Lieutenant Robert McMann an atomic submarine weapons office is asked to volunteer to take on an extremely dangerous mission allowing himself to be abducted by agents of the Russian KGB and military.

The objective to find out how American military personnel are being turned or blackmailed to provide information on highly classified American weaponry and top-secret equipment.

Before entering that Saturday meeting Rob shares an elevator with a striking woman accompanied by her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. On that ride to the fourth floor Rob is more than taken back by Gwen and her daughter. As the doors of the elevator opened Gwen steps forward into the hall, Rob makes a split-second decision by her to meet him later so that they could get to know each better over coffee. Gwen widowed after her husband a naval aviator was killed in a fiery aircraft accident accepts the invitation from the stranger paying attention to her daughter Daphnie, thinking that she has never taken to a strange man like this before also wondering what it is about him that has an effect on her like this? But there again he has me wondering the same thing. This fascinating tail will keep you wondering where its going and very hard to put it down.