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The Last Train Home

Major Karl Vita was tired of the nine-plus years he had served in the British Intelligence Service.

His thoughts now were returning home to his wife Claire and his son Nicholas.
Germany surrendered on May 7th, 1945. The BIS and its allied partners took on the daunting task of becoming the hunters instead of wartime intelligence agents. Thousands of high-command German officers, mainly Gestapo and SS, were running and hiding throughout Europe, waiting to escape to other countries, vanishing with new identities paid for with the spoils of war. Karl yearned for the day he would be discharged, returning home to his wife and son. He was one of the lucky ones escaping death on more than one occasion. However, the mental scares would remain.

Leaving the German merchant service in 1936 without prior approval, he traveled by car to Vienna (Wien), escaping with his mother, sister, and her son to England and a new life in the British Intelligence Service. Happily married to his wife Claire, he still yearned to return to maritime service, Claire agreeing to a term of three years.

The last train home